Ahmad Al-Jallad

Ahmad Al-Jallad, Assistant Professor at Leiden University Institute for Area Studies and Assistant Professor at Leiden University Centre for Linguistics
Ahmad Al-Jallad

Dr Ahmad Al-Jallad currently holds a double-appointment as Assistant Professor of Arabic Linguistics at the Leiden University Institute for Area Studies(LIAS) and at the Leiden University Centre for Linguistics (LUCL).  He obtained his PhD in 2012 from Harvard University in the field of Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations. His research focuses the early history of Arabic and North Arabian. He has done research on Arabic from the pre-Islamic period based on documentary sources, the Graeco-Arabica (Arabic in Greek transcription from the pre-Islamic period), language classification, North Arabian epigraphy, and historical Semitic linguistics.  He has written the first grammar of Safaitic, a corpus of Ancient North Arabian inscriptions from northern Jordan and southern Syria, and is currently completing a comprehensive study of pre-Islamic Arabic based on documentary sources from the 6th century CE and earlier. Al-Jallad has taught courses on North Arabian epigraphy, the historical grammar of Arabic, Arabic linguistic diversity, and the linguistic history of the Middle East. 

In addition to his work on Arabic, Dr Al-Jallad is an editor at the Safaitic Database Online, which seeks to digitize the epigraphic documentation of Safaitic, the most widely attested Ancient North Arabian language. Recent projects include a study and commentary of the Arabic material in the Petra Papryi, an in-depth linguistic study of the Igl bn Hf‘m inscription from Qaryat al-Faw, the completion of a grammar of Safaitic, and the preparation of his dissertation for publication.

His key publications include: An Outline of the Grammar of the Safaitic Inscriptions. Leiden: Brill (2015); “An ancient Arabian zodiac: the constellations in the Safaitic inscriptions, Part I”. AAE25: 214-230 (2014); “Graeco-Arabica I: The Southern Levant”. In: Le contexte de naissance de l’écriture arabe. Écrit et écritures araméennes et arabes au 1er millénaire après J.-C., Actes du colloque international du projet ANR Syrab, edited by F. Briquel-Chatonnet, M. Debié, and L. Nehmé. Louvain: Peeters (2015); “On the genetic background of the ʿgl bn Hfʿm grave inscription at Qaryat al-Faw”.BSOAS: 1-21 (2014).